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Terms and Conditions



It is agreed that, by interviewing for employment, or by employing in any manner an applicant introduced by MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL, the client is deemed to have agreed to and accepted the following terms:


1    Scope of Services


 1.1     To identify, screen and submit suitable candidates in accordance to client’s request.



 2     Fees


 2.1  The fee payable by the client to MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL  is for the introduction of a candidate which results in that candidate being engaged by the client either under a contract of service or a contract of services whether such an offer is made immediately or at any time within a eighteen month period following the date of the initial introduction. For the avoidance of doubt 'introduction' means the presentation of a candidate to the client by MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL, whether or not the candidate was known previously by the client. However, no fee is payable when the client can provide evidence which confirms that a candidate had applied directly to the client before being introduced by MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL or had been introduced by another staffing supplier for which the client has paid a fee.


2.2          The fee payable will be % of the first year’s package. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the first year's guaranteed gross fixed package which includes all fixed/guaranteed allowances such as housing, transportation and signing on bonus. The Client shall provide to MRI a full statement of the total remuneration to be received by a Candidate.




All telephone, courier, fax charges etc usually associated with the search process will be paid for by MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL. Travel and related candidate interview expenses for interviewing or relocation in connection with the assignment are payable by the client. Where prior approval has been granted by the client.


Visa Expenses:


MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL is not responsible for establishing the visa status or eligibility for employment of a candidate, and no liability whatsoever shall be attached to MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL. 

MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL fees are charged for introductions made and payment of our invoices is not subject to the employer’s ability to secure a visa.


2.3          Should the client fail to notify or disclose to MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL that an introduction has resulted in the engagement of a candidate; MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to charge the client the fee detailed in Clause 2.2


2.4         All introductions are confidential. If a client or any employee or representative of the client refers the applicant to a third party within twelve months of the introduction, MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to invoice the client with the introduction fee as though the client had themselves engaged the applicant.


3              Guarantee


3.1           In the event of candidate’s termination or resignation within eight weeks of the date of employment, MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL will offer a free replacement.

                This guarantee is not applicable if the employment is terminated because the position is eliminated, altered or if there is insufficient work for the employee. The guarantee period is to allow the client to satisfy itself that the candidate has the requisite experience and qualifications to perform the work assigned and that the information provided by the candidate and other resources directly or via MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL is accurate.


4              Payment Terms


4.1          An invoice will be issued as soon as candidate signs an employment contract with the client. An invoice is payable within 14 days of its issue date, where no invoice is paid the client is required to pay an additional $1000 for every 30 days the invoice is not paid.


5              Liabilities


5.1       MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL accepts no liability of any kind for any loss or damage whatsoever or for any injury to or death of any persons arising directly from the acts, errors, omissions of any applicant introduced by MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL even if such an act or omission is negligent, fraudulent or dishonest.


6           References and Client Obligations


6.1          MEDICAL RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL  will endeavor to ensure that all candidates are suitable for the position described by the client.  It does not, however, guarantee the skill or ability of the candidate.  The Client is responsible for determining whether the candidate’s qualifications and capabilities meet the job description and for taking up references. It is the client’s sole responsibility to obtain the necessary work and residency permits for the candidate and to ensure that the candidate complies with the requisite employment legislation.


The contract is valid for 12 months from the date of signing and will be ongoing unless a written request has been made.