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Hydro-Testing of Storage Tanks

Hydro-testing of storage tanks


Bulk storage tanks are hydro-tested by filling with seawater or fresh water into the tank, so as to detect any
leaks in shell weld joints and also to check the load stabilization of the tank foundations.

Fluidtech offers high volume diesel engine driven centrifugal water filling pumps, suction and discharge hoses,
manifold, NRV,s and isolation valves etc with experienced crew members for hydro-testing and cleaning of
storage tanks.

Usually the tank filling shall be carried out in four stages, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the maximum water level
of the tank. A settlement period of 24 hours is generally allowed after each stage of filling, so as to check the
integrity of the tank and foundation. Once the hydro-testing is approved, the same network of hoses shall be
used to discharge the water back into the sea or to an adjacent tank.